ClearHealth Quality Institute (CHQI) Just Launched

April 13, 2017


Annapolis, MD / PR Web / March 17, 2017 – ClearHealth Quality Institute™ (CHQI) – a newly formed accreditation organization – promotes standards that incorporate the next generation of quality and outcome measures. CHQI will develop and offer an array of accreditation and certification programs, value-based purchasing standards and outcome measures.

“CHQI was formed in part to find new ways to update the traditional approach to accreditation in health care,” according to Garry Carneal, JD, MA, who is serving as Board Chair. “Many opportunities exist to rethink and improve how health plans, providers, and others meet quality-based standards and performance benchmarks. Today, health insurance functions and provider services are not always easily or appropriately regulated due to the complexity of those operations. CHQI is dedicated to creating new pathways to establish national measurement-based standards for emerging solutions in the health care marketplace.” Among other achievements, Carneal has supervised the development and launch of 22 health care accreditation programs since 1995.

CHQI is supported by a Board of Directors, along with several standards and accreditation committees. Volunteer experts representing different stakeholder perspectives populate each committee. The new organization also takes an educational approach to promoting quality operations and charges reasonable accreditation fees.

“With change occurring so rapidly in the health care field, it is imperative that regulations and accreditation standards keep pace with those innovations,” states Michael Gomes, former President of BenefitMall and RegQuest Co-Founder. “CHQI’s accreditation programs help assess, track and report on trends to enhance key insurance and provider outcomes. Unfortunately, many traditional accreditation organizations often fail to adopt more current standards and also create unnecessary administrative hurdles when processing applications. CHQI is committed to providing top level services in an efficient manner with fair pricing.”

For more information about CHQI, please contact Julie Irons, manager of accreditation, at (410) 696-7634 or

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About ClearHealth Quality Institute™ (CHQI) (

ClearHealth Quality Institute’s (CHQI) mission is to promote quality-based practices for health plans, providers and other stakeholders across the United States and its territories. Our accreditation and certification programs help assess, track and report on trends to enhance key insurance and provider outcomes. CHQI also offers educational programs, publishes issue briefs and underwrites research to raise awareness of patient safety issues and promote best practices. The organization is governed by an independent board and committee system, which is open to a wide-range of volunteers to ensure transparency and accountability. CHQI provides resources to serve patients, providers, payers, government agencies, and other stakeholder groups. To learn more about CHQI, please contact us at (410) 696-7634 or